Artist Statement


My process is to listen and respond. The subject is always a mystery to me. I never know what I am creating until it's complete. I would say the most important part of my process is just staying present. When I am listening to myself, I can connect easily to my soul. Sometimes inspiration comes to me in intricate pieces. I may have a dream about one stroke of color, and then cannot touch it again for days. Other times I can complete an entire large scale piece in one sitting. I let the work guide me. Working as an abstract expressionist draws me to concepts not subject matter. It becomes an adventure Instead of a destination; this is the most freeing feeling in the world. After I have a number completed I may see the story unfold. Most times I write and paint at the same time. Painting creates the dialogue, causing an internal form of communication. For my art is the expression of my soul to the world. I create art because I must, the same reason I eat and sleep. I need to express my soul to survive. Its lovely when other people appreciate my work, I have to admit I love what I do. If I get to keep my work it also brings me joy. If a piece is meant to be sold, then it will be. I have complete faith that I am on my true path in life, so I am open to wherever it will take me. My only job is to just be.

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