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My name is Tami Bensen and I am an Intuitive Artist. When this title emerged many years ago I didn't quiet know what it meant, but I knew I needed to claim it. It all started with a deep longing, as any story worth telling does. Through many years of soul searching, trusting and studying the process unfolding in me, I was able to find my way out of the dark. I created a window inside where the world was magic again and finding my purpose wasn't a dream anymore, it was undeniable. Now emerging out of the other side of fear, I assist others through this very rich and unique time of transition. I am filled with gratitude everyday that I decided to take this path, I can't imagine any other way to be in this world. What do I do? I allow the universe to work through me for you, and show you how to do the same. The question is would you like to be fluent in the langue of the universe?


Gayle Kronberg

Tami is a gifted Intuitive Artist and Medium. She did two readings for me to connect me with my parents that were spot on. I was especially grateful to receive messages from my Father who I didn’t have a chance to get to know as he passed on when I was very young.

I also had an opportunity to collaborate with Tami on a Mandala & Sound Bath event at Inner Alchemy. She is so passionate about art as a means for healing and provides gentle guidance through the entire process.

Tami is a GEM!

Kayla Gomez

 I was really nervous at first and wasn't sure I would be able to create anything but Tami created a safe and fun space where I was able to freely connect with my inner child and creative energy body that flowed through onto my paper! I really feel with Tami that my second chakra was re-awakened, and her ability to channel divine messages throughout the session was so helpful for unlocking creative blocks and incredibly healing and fun! Tami has a magical gift for art and divine healing that anyone can benefit from, even if you don't consider yourself an artist!

Emelia Bouras Fox

I had a session with Tami that involved multiple services such as art and intuitive readings. Tami was incredibly thorough and accurate as well as patient. I can say that I felt as though I was a close friend instead of a client- the comfort level is surreal! I will definitely use her services in the future!

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